Mindfulness and


We can only have clarity if we inhabit the present moment through our awareness.  Mindfulness is an invitation into awareness and to a greater intimacy with our human experience. Meditation is one of the ways we can practice mindfulness in order to learn the skills of sustaining presence.

Through a series of well designed classes in two different course offerings, participants have the opportunity to learn concepts and practice skills that can easily be implemented in their daily routine.


The simple, yet profound, teachings of Mindfulness and Meditation can help us:

  • Cultivate awareness

  • Develop an attitude of inner acceptance

  • Develop greater sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us

  • Reduce stress and increase overall well being

  • Develop greater insight into life’s patterns

  • Access more constructive ways to respond to challenging situations

  • Increase compassion and self-compassion

  • Improve quality of relationships

  • Align ourselves with our true aspirations

  • Live more ethically


Course 1 - Foundational Teachings and Practices

Course topics include:

  • What is mindfulness and foundational types of meditation practices
  • How to use our body to anchor our present moment, experience and uncover its natural wisdom
  • How to work with thoughts – Are they real?
  • How to work with challenging emotions – learning to get closer to get free
  • Learning to cultivate the goodness – choosing the seeds I want to grow in my garden
  • Learning to integrate mindfulness in daily life
UPCOMING CLASSES - September 23 rd to October 14 th , 4 classes of 90
minutes each, via Zoom, on Wednesdays.

Course 2 - Relational Living Teachings and Practices

Course topics include:

  • Mindful listening – offering the gift of our presence
  • Non-violent communication – learning to communicate our needs to reduce conflicts and to find a common ground
  • Mindful leadership – embodying our ability to lead in our personal, interpersonal and social lives
  • Living ethically – simple life principles that have a ripple effect of happiness
  • Intentions – Envisioning a new landscape by mindful inquiry of our inner aspirations
UPCOMING CLASSES – calendar of classes will be available by
November 2020